The liver is one of the most complex organs, it has many essential functions that make it fundamental for the human body.

Thus we need to take care of our liver by starting from foods.

The mediterranean diet is considered optimal also for the liver. Of course, it is important to keep under control our weight by mantaining a daily calories intake of 2500-2700 cal, or by increasing physical activity.

Below, you can find some recommendations to keep our liver healthy and functional:

  1. Try to limit the alcohol intake, or possibly totally avoid alcoholic beverages at all. In any case you should not exceed 30 grams per day, corresponding to a couple of glasses of wine, preferentially consumed during meals.
  2. Always follow a balanced diet, consisting primarily of carbohydrate (60-65% of the total daily calories), such as pasta, bread, cereals, potatoes. As previously mentioned, you should not exceed, try to limit the consumption to no more than 70-80 grams and no more than two portions a day). Fats are also important (oil, butter, cheese and curd), however, they should represent only the 20% of the daily calories. Proteins (i.e. meat, preferably white, or even better, fish or legumes) should accound for the 15% of the total calories.
  3. Eat every day and twice a day vegetables, and at least two or three times a day fruits. Consider preferentially seasonal fruits and vegetable.
  4. Avoid simple sugars (sweets, soft drinks, chocolate, and others)
  5. Try to limit the saturated fats intake, these are principally present in cheese, sausages, seasonings and sauces, meat and other foods.
  6. Do not consume more than 3 tablespoons of oil per day.
  7. Drink at least 1.5L of water per day (not including the water consumed during meals) and divide your food consumption into 4-5 small meals a day, avoiding snacks and sandwiches.