The FIF establishes the GEP (Gender Equality Plan)

The Italian Liver Foundation (FIF) has established its Gender Equality Plan (GEP). This plan represents a significant step forward in promoting gender equality and equal opportunities within our organization.

The Gender Equality Plan is the document that outlines a series of commitments and actions aimed at promoting gender equality and equal opportunities within the Italian Liver Foundation NPO and defines its strategies. It is a three-year programmatic document aimed at implementing actions and projects that foster the reduction of gender imbalances and equal opportunities within the Foundation.

The GEP takes into account work-life balance and an inclusive organizational culture; the promotion of gender equality in leadership and decision-making processes within the organization, in the recruitment of new resources, and in career advancement; the inclusion of gender issues in research and teaching programs, as well as measures against gender-based violence in the workplace.

We recognize the importance of a work and research environment that values and respects diverse gender identities, fostering effective participation and representation for all.

The implementation of the GEP aligns with the actions required by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the European Commission as part of measures aimed at promoting gender equality and as an essential requirement for participation in all Horizon Europe calls for research and innovation.