Liver Cancer Unit


Name of the Group:

Liver Cancer Unit

 Devis Pascut (Senior Researcher)
 Luca Grisetti (PhD Student)
 Vivien Josol
(PhD Student)
 Clarissa Garcia (PhD Student)
 Therriz Mamerto (PhD Student)

 Caecilia Sukowati (Senior Researcher)
 Cyrollah Disoma (PhD Student)
 Georgia Zancotti (Master Degree Student)

Research Description:  

The research group focuses on translational research in the field of liver cancers, with particular interest on circulating biomarkers, identification of molecular targets for therapies, immunotherapies, drug resistance, cancer cells heterogeneity, and cancer stem cells. The group actively engages in collaborative partnerships with SMEs, large companies, hospitals and research institutions in Europe, Asia, and America, to facilitate the development of research projects and tools that promote the translation of scientific findings from the laboratory to clinical practice and vice versa. By fostering these collaborations, the group aims to enhance the transferability of research outcomes, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare practices. 

In detail, the group is currently investigating: 1) The role of Aurora kinase A in liver cancer and the benefits derived from a synergic treatment which include AURKA inhibitors and immune checkpoint inhibitors; 2) The extra-telomeric roles of Telomerase and its value as prognostic biomarker after liver resection; 3) Liquid Biopsy for early cancer diagnosis; 4) The value of Zinc transporters as possible targets for anticancer therapy; 5) Assessment and idenfication of potential novel targeted molecular therapies of hepatocellular carcinoma; 6) Molecular pathogenesis of viral hepatitis-related HCC; and 7) Development of new targeted delivery carrier, including nanoparticles.